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House Representative

Heath Clark has had an interest in politics since childhood. He has served as a volunteer on several different campaigns ranging from mayoral races to presidential campaigns. He has worked diligently within the local party and was elected as a Vice Chair of the Houston County GOP, as well as the First Vice Chair of the 8th District GOP. Heath was elected to represent House District 147 and has proudly served since 2014.

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Heath’s Principles of Service

Conserving Your Liberties

As YOUR State Representative, I will not compromise our shared convictions. I will not serve the desires of special interest groups. I will not give in to pressure by party leadership if it means ignoring the people of Houston County.

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Constitutional Carry

HB 543 would make it legal for anyone over the age of 21 to carry a weapon, with limited exemptions. Those exemptions include people who have been convicted of certain crimes or been hospitalized as an inpatient in any mental hospital or drug or alcohol treatment center in the past five years.

Atlanta Journal Constitution

House Bill 544, by Rep. Heath Clark, R-Warner Robins, would allow anyone with a weapons permit to take guns on all parts of public college campuses.

Atlanta Journal Constitution

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