Criminal Justice

Criminal justice is a complicated issue. We must balance the rights of the victims with those of the accused who are entitled to a vigorous defense and a fair trial. We must also support and protect our law enforcement officers and make sure they have all the resources they need to protect us. During my time in the House, I have worked to protect all Georgians especially the most vulnerable of our citizens.

While police hiring and retention is a local issue, I have worked on passing public safety support legislation that created a support system for law enforcement officers with PTSD at both the state and local levels which reduces turnover in those essential positions. In addition, the General Assembly has increased funding at the state level for training of law enforcement officers and firefighters to strengthen our communities.

I have supported reforms that drastically reduce the inmate population and also rehabilitate non-violent criminals so they can become productive members of society instead of cycling in and out of the system.

The Georgia General Assembly is committed to winning the battle against human trafficking. This year, the House unanimously passed House Bill 823 which would revoke a person’s commercial driver’s license and impose a lifetime CDL ban in Georgia for those who are convicted and knowingly use a commercial vehicle in the commission of a human trafficking crime. Over 3,600 children are sold into sex trafficking in Georgia every year, and we are working diligently to bring this horrific industry to an end.