Education is vitally important to every Georgia citizen, and it has a direct effect on the economic health of our state. As the husband of an educator, I know all too well the challenges we have in the classroom. There is room for improvement, but I am proud to say that Georgia is heading in the right direction!

Education is best when it is run at the local level with active parental involvement. When parents have choices, their children’s education flourishes. During the 2017-2018 session, I co-sponsored HB 482 supported school choice so that parents could make the right decision for their child and their family.

For the past three years, the Georgia General Assembly has fully funded education for the first time ever. This occurred while giving teachers three historic pay raises which help our state retain the best educators. Every measurable statistic in education has improved, and we have the best record in the state’s history!

  • 13th best AP scores in the nation
  • 3rd best AP scores for African American students
  • ACT above the national average for the 1st time in GA history (four years in a row)
  • SAT above the national average for the 1st time in GA history (two years in a row)
  • 82% graduation rate, with a majority of schools attaining a 90% graduation rate
  • 13th best in the nation on the NAEP (nation’s K12 scorecard)
  • Georgia has led the nation in first of its kind funding for school safety programs. Grant money was given to every school in the state to implement safety changes as they see fit at the local level.

We have numerous pathways to free college and technical education. HOPE is still one of the most generous scholarships in the nation. The HOPE Career Grant provides completely free technical education in 17 different areas, and nearly 100% of the graduates are hired immediately in their field of study. Dual enrollment is one of the most generous K12 scholarships in the nation. CTAE students have a 97% high school graduation rate, and nearly 100% of them go on to higher education, employment, or the  military.