Healthcare is a priority of the Georgia General Assembly. I have supported legislation that seeks to encourage doctors and PAs to work in rural Georgia to provide healthcare, and my colleagues and I have worked to protect all Georgians, especially our most vulnerable populations.

The House has worked to protect Georgia’s patients from incurring unexpected medical costs. My colleagues and I have been carefully crafting legislation over the last several years to ensure that Georgians will be able to receive the medical treatment they need without the unexpected burden of surprise billing after emergency procedures. We are also working to improve regulations for Georgia’s pharmacy industry and reduce the cost of prescriptions for our citizens.

The Georgia House has been hard at work to find positive solutions to the serious issue of maternal mortality in our state. Under conservative leadership, over $6 million from the state budget has been given annually to address this issue. Moving forward, the House will continue to keep maternal mortality at the top of its priority list. We are committed to affecting positive change in the lives of mothers and babies alike.

My colleagues and I have worked to make the lives better for the most vulnerable among us. We are working on bringing safer, reformed, and enhanced care for our senior citizens living in Georgia licensed care homes and assisted living communities.